A new design for ultimate hand signals

By Raphaël - October 18th, 2019


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Hand signals play an important role in self-refereeing sports. Here I've made a new design for the ultimate hand signals, which fits nicely on a disc! A great way to improve your knowledge of the rules, and the spirit of the game in general.

One of the most amazing things of ultimate - apart from the fact of playing with a flying disc is really fun - is that it is a self-refereeing sport. It means that there is no referee, or more precisely that are 14 players on the field and they are all referees. Thus every player have to know the rules, which are actually quite long and complicated for a beginner (full version).

To ease communication and resolve issues on the field quickly, a collection of hand signals are included in the official rules. And to improve the knowledge of these signals among the members of our ultimate community, my club has decided to print the signals on a disc: as we always have one in hand, this is convenient way to learn. We also always have a quick answer in case of doubt.

I found that the design in the official rules didn't really fit nicely for a disc print, so I redrawn each one of them in a more modern style and arranged everything onto a disk pattern:

The design is vectorial, so the resolution can be pretty much anything. It has been done with open source tools (inkscape), and I can only encourage you to use and contribute to this amazing piece of free software. The design is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic licence (CC BY 2.5), so you can use it, modify it and distribute it as you wish provided that you cite this source and detail the modification you may do. The source file is accessible upon request; you can use the comment form below to send me a message (don't forget to put your email adress, it won't be published online).

Here are a couple of images of the disc (eurodisc) once printed: (credits: Focus ultimate)

The disc, with autumn leaves.

You can also purchase one here (in French). Warning: there is no shipping service, you'll have to come by to one of our trainings in Paris to get it ;-).

Play hard, stay spirited!


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